WebXR Input Profile Asset Stats

This page shows basic stats for recent asset requests from the jsdelivr CDN, which several libraries and sites use for delivering WebXR input profile assets. The stats on this page should not be seen as a giving a full representation of any aspect of WebXR usage, but may offer some insight into broader trends in device usage on the web.

Profile List requests

Almost all uses of the library fetch this list prior to requesting specific assets, so it serves as a rough proxy for overall library usage.

Profile requests

Individual profiles are typically requested once a page has positively identified the input device(s) in use and the page either wants to display the appropriate models for the controller or use the profile's layout data to map their controls. It should be noted that only devices with appropriate assets in the repository will show up in this list, and some devices will fall back to a similar device or earlier version of the same device if an appropriate profile is not available, so these numbers should not be seen as an accurate count of usage of any individual device.